Autus Marketing

Marketing for growth

Independent Schools

With recent experience operating in an independent schools environment, Autus can offer your school a range of specialist and practical services.   From developing your school strategy to the day to day operation in producing marketing materials, Autus has a solution for you:

Strategic Marketing Services for Schools:

Strategy and Planning

Through a thorough review of the environment within which your school operates, your competitors, potential parents and catchment area – the Marketing Audit can identify where the key challenges for your school lie.

From this we can suggest and put forward practical strategies which can work within your school to deliver real results and produce an annual plan of activities which will ensure you can meet your pupil targets year on year.

Review of Existing Activities

From the moment a potential parent contacts your school to (hopefully) sending their child as a pupil, you want every parent “touchpoint” with your establishment to be a positive one.   Can you be sure this is the case?

Let us look at how your current recruitment process and parent interfaces currently operate and suggest a range of practical solutions to enhance and strengthen the experience each time your school deals with a prospective parent or child.

Transport Services

Do you have an adequate transport system to and from school – often a “dealbreaker” for prospective parents.  Let us look at your current service and suggest ways it can be improved to better service your existing pupils and prospective ones.

Day to day operational services for schools:

In a busy school the day to day marketing materials and events can often be low down on the priority list.   However it is vital that the school projects itself to potential clients in a consistent manner which reflects the schools’ personality and attracts the right pupil.

Autus can ensure effective delivery of a range of crucial school services:

  • Production of Marketing Collateral – planning and production of the prospectus, event flyers, newsletters or calanders.
  • Advertising – impactful and cost effective advertising is vital.   The end to end process can be managed from ad definition, to booking the space across different and relevant media, creating the ads to delivering on time and budget.
  • Events Management - open days, taster events to the everyday prospective parent visit are all opportunities for the school to demonstrate what it has to offer.   These can be planned, managed and delivered for you or suggestions made to existing events to ensure the school maximises the impact.
  • Website – in todays web-savvy world it is important for a school to open a window to the world online.   Let us review your website to ensure it delivers the necessary information, gives the visitor a positive experience and most importantly stands out from the crowd.