Autus Marketing

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Marketing Services

Autus provides tailored services designed around you and your specific business need.   For guidance, examples of Autus services are:

Strategic Marketing Services (how to gain competitive advantage):

Marketing Audit

This report is designed to look at where your business stands in the marketplace today.   The deliverable will be a review of your business environment, its competitors, customer behaviours and your performance to give you a set of critical business challenges and opportunities.

Market Research

Understanding your customer needs is crucial to any business success.   Research provides your business with an indepth understanding to how potential customers or existing customers feel about your product/service.   Alternatively detailed desk research may be required on your competitors or target market.   Any research undertaken will deliver an indepth report.

Marketing Strategy and Plan

This service will help your company achieve its overall objectives to gain competitive advantage over any other organisations.   A strategy will be put forward which will define the target market, product/service positioning as well as recommended price points, branding and distribution.   The Marketing Plan will then focus efforts and marketing budget towards activities which are most likely to improve profitability over the coming year.   All delivered to give you the best value for your specific marketing budget.

Workshop Facilitator

In many organisations running a customer focussed workshop can be of benefit to everyone in the organisation – engage with staff, ensure they understand their customers and provide a useful ideas forum.

Operational Marketing Services (effective implementation):

Producing marketing materials

The production of newsletters, internal communications, e-newsletters, pamphlets or flyers can all be critical to gain loyalty, increase sales or deliver a key message.   Each piece of communication produced will be designed with the target audience in mind and deliver impactful copy as well as eye catching and appropriate design.


Creating impactful and cost effective advertising is vital.   The end to end process can be managed from ad definition, to booking the space across appropriate print media, creating the ads to ensuring the campaign delivers on time and budget.

Website Management

Websites need to be fresh, deliver the message effectively and be designed to give any visitor a useful and informative experience.   Effective navigation, tone, style and copy will be delivered to ensure your site is effective in achieving these objectives.

Ongoing Management Services:

Alternatively you may need a “virtual marketing manager” – a partner who can work with you on an ongoing basis to develop your planning as well as operate your day to day marketing operation.